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Everything I have purchased has been excellent!!


Great way to try products, highly recommend

Top notch

As usual, top notch bud for an excellent price. Shamrock never disappoints.

Nice big buds...tastes great!!

Big fan

Great taste/smell and amazing effects. A true quad. Don't let the THC % catch you off guard, still a heavy hitter.

Awesome selection

What could possibly be better than getting to try 4 amazing strains? Grab this deal up

I like this herb strain, really potent and nice tasting strain of bubba

I really like this hash 🙂 tasty I'll be buying it again

Interesting strain with a kickass name...

While the bag smell and taste isn't the best I've come across (very earthy, I guess this is the goat part of it) it definitely delivers on performance. It's a great functional daytime strain that also provides a nice body buzz, especially in higher doses. Lots of crystals and burns nicely in a joint.

While I wouldn't call this strain the G.O.A.T, it also really isn't too baaaaaahhhd either (did you think I was going to make it through this review without a pun?!?). I would order it again!

This is an awesome cartridge and I highly recomend it. I got the pineapple express and I love it

This deal was why I decided to give Shamrock a try. 3 grams plus shipping plus lighter and grinder is awesome.

Very nice to relax with after work. Would buy again.

Great product

Great for outings. Nice flavour. Solid product. Would recommend


So happy with my buds. They were huge and delicious! Will order again!

Great product, strong smell

Love this tincture! I’ve been using it almost every day and find that it’s been helping a lot with pain management for migraines. My anxiety has also decreased since starting, too. This product has a great CBD/THC ratio if you don’t want any psychoactive effects. It relaxes you without making you feel high.
The one thing that I found is that it does smell and taste quite strongly of weed. I mix mine in a bit of orange juice to mask the taste.
Overall, this has been a great product for me. I’m going through the bottle quickly because I’m using it so much! I will definitely be ordering it again.


Nice variety pack to try out some of their strains

Nice indica

Very nice relaxing strain, good for night time, very earthy flavour,


This stuff was good, very smooth, it really does taste and smell like grapefruit. Very nice buzz, good quality

Happy hash

Soft and easily rolled into tiny balls and smoke was smooth. Didn’t itch the throat too much. Nice mellow but not burnt out felling.


My girlfriend and I split the pack (50mg each) and it was a real good high.


Seemed to need a lot of puffs to get a good high, but it's good stuff. A lot less irritating than smoking.

My review

Enjoy the taste. The buzz could last longer. But overall great

Fantastic medication

Charlotte's Web is a legendary, potent medical strain with a high CBD content and only trace amounts (under 1%) THC. Though you wouldn't be able to tell from just looking at it. Other than having very few trichomes (crystals), the buds look completely normal. The smell is nice, if not very strong. It has notes of pine resin and a bit of fresh lemon zest. The smoke is smooth and similarly subtle on the taste, with some flowery hints on the exhale. Charlotte's Web will give you a decent body buzz with no psychoactive effects. You will feel medicated and relaxed while keeping all of your mental faculties. If you have a condition that can be treated with CBD, like pain, anxiety, inflammation or epilepsy, this strain is for you. Otherwise, if you want to adjust the potency of a high-THC strain by adding more CBD to it, this is also an ideal strain to achieve that effect.

Big fluffy purple

Looked unreal. Tasted strong and kicked in quick. Defiantly keep a pillow near by. Knock you out. Will be doing this strain again in near future. Thanks again

Awesome. No choking heavenly smell