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lion king

I ordered the Moby Dick, and for 20$ bucks i have no complaints. smokes nice and taste even better!

lion king

This first time promotion is great! I went with the Tuna Black, Nukem and Super Kush, everything smoked and burned great! Looking foward to trying more strains.


Great deal, loved the double black aswell as the glass doob tube!

Tasty AF

I tried the cotton candy and I could inhale the entire thing in a instant if I didn’t want to be baked till next week. The airflow chamber is a great addition. I’ve tried extracts before that gave me a tight chest or tasted like plastic. These are discreet and are top quality. Now to try some other flavours.

Amazing buds

For price and quality, this is some of the best bud I’ve come across online. Super fast shipping and dope strains. Tuna always makes me happy, pink for a deep sleep and og shark to get creative. Love that I can get so much variety without breaking the bank. As they say, no regerts.

Nice stuff

I loved this stuff. Strong and smooth but I won't be ordering again. The lid is to hard to get off. I ended up breaking one of the syringes. They should make it easier to get the lid off. The stuff is so thick I can't see it leaking with a regular lid

Great Value ! Same great strains !

Wonderful discounted top notch !
All that is missing is the visual bag appeal !
Which can be done without:)

excellent service

Love the Zombie OG

Great price and always great bud. Blue dream was not the best to be honest but I should have checked the previous reviews. Will buy again!

Great value and arrived promptly. Great product.


Pleasantly surprised at the potency of the shake. The high lasted about 2-3 hrs. and was strong. There were a few stems but no problem with that. It was slightly dry but nothing a boveda pack couldn't help with. I like the mystery of not knowing what the smoke will be like. Cheap buy, but not a cheap effect. Very happy with this purchase, and I'll definitely buy again.

Worked great for about the first half but the second half of the cartridge kept leaking and clogged up rendering it useless pretty early on.

Sturdy bag

Nice sized large bag, about the size of around 3 bank cards next to each other. It's the same one that is shipped with Shamrock's flower deliveries. No smell, quite sturdy, and feels like it will last. Happy with the order

Decent product, poor packaging

It's a nice tasting distillate. Not a very potent high, but a good mellow body buzz. (Not too mild though). Easy to dab and easy to spread on papers.

The package is pure garbage. It's a very vicious product, and does not push through the syringe easy, unless you heat up the whole syringe. (I used a blow drier). The plastic isn't strong enough to push such a thick product through a small nozzle. Mine fell apart the second time I used it.

Nice Buds

Much better-looking bud than the pics on the site. Good relaxing high.

excellent product

recommend buying this product very good

excellent quality

priced good product good

This is a really great oil. I've had some where it didnt matter how much I hit it, it barely gave me a buzz and I'd cough up a lung.
This was smooth, light taste and nice buzz.
Definitely buying again

got me high as tits

there like rlly small and taste decent, but they will get you high as balls.

Awesome buds

I'm more than happy with the quality and my experience so far, all the buds ive had so far are a pleasure to smoke

Smooth smoke, great effects

Smoke was smooth and had a nice taste, the thc seemed higher than 1 percent but it was not a strong feeling, the effects were clear headed with a relaxed feeling of alertness

Best weed I’ve smoked in a long time

Amazing service. I accidentally sent $3 too much and they sent me an extra gram because of it.

Came in just 2 business days (located in toronto) and each strain has been amazing.

Also really love the thorough and honest descriptions of each strain. They’re incredibly accurate.

Thanks shamrock, I’ll be ordering more and letting everyone know to do the same!


Great value. Awesome promotion I went with the cbd buds and really enjoyed them. Shipping was fast and shamrock had great customer service when I had any questions. Return customer for sure

First time God's Green Crack, Shark OG and Happy Hands Hash.

Nice intro. Two nice strains and a gram of some really fun hash. Plastic grinder that actually works well and papers that are all stuck together. I enjoyed the hash quite a bit. At $9 a gram I wasn't expecting too much but it was great. Will order again.